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N.O.W Committee Bake Sale

Sunday, June 26th, Sunday, September 11th, and Sunday December 11th.

The December 11th Bake Sale will be our biggest because THERE WILL NOT BE A CHRISTMAS COOKIE TRAY SALE this year.

We will be needing all of you First Church Bakers to make lots of cookies and other goodiesor all of these sales and especially for December 11th.


Study and Prayer Group

Wednesdays from 9:30 - 11:00 am in the First Church Bell Choir Room.

Memorial Day Service of Remembrance

Sunday, May, 29th

During our 9:45 am Worship Service, we will read the names and light a candle to honor the memory of our First Church Family members and Friends of First Church who have dies since last year's Memorial Day Service.

Families of the deceased will be invited to attend the service and light a candle for their deceased family member. If a family member is unable to attend, someone from First Church will ight the candle for them.